Asarum `{`as-er-uh m`}` Canadense: Wild Ginger

Sanctuary `{`sacred place`}`, home, refuge or shelter, a northeastern native perennial ground cover that provides food and cover for wildlife.

Our Mission


Asarum works to build social capital and strengthen environmental health by engendering awe and wonder, promoting joyful play, and encouraging love for and stewardship of the diverse biological communities we inhabit together.


With empathy, intention and creativity, Asarum is deeply committed to providing a design process that generates new possibilities for healthy, vital futures one garden, one landscape, one neighborhood at a time.


Asarum reconnects people to place, each other and the natural world creating shared respect and compassion for the places we call home.


Ecological Planning & Design

Ecology is the foundation of all Asarum projects. We value soils, water and vegetation as codependent systems that together support all life. Asarum works to protect, restore and celebrate these complex systems by intentionally designing for wild biodiverse habitat, green & blue infrastructure, and biophilic health & vitality.

Landscape Architecture

Asarum is committed to delivering designs that touch, move and inspire people. We believe that natural and urban landscapes should be designed to be physiologically restorative, playful, educational and beautiful. Our design approach works to enhance civic life by creating meaningful connections between people, place and local wildlife. place and local wildlife.

Socially Engaged Design

Asarum collaborates with each project community to identify the resources, skills and connections unique to their own neighborhood. We foster civic engagement and grow citizen-driven design solutions that celebrate, enhance and sustain the long-term health of our urban & natural environments.

Make It Beautiful: Asarum LandDesign Group’s Sarah Endriss In Her Own Words

People, planet, profit, and beauty.
(Ok, we broke away from the constraint of alliteration because neither prettiness nor pulchritude sufficed.)
“Asarum is committed to Triple Bottom Line + 1— Beauty. Beauty is something to behold— its moves you, lights you up, and inspires Love. And Love is what moves most people to preserve and protect something of value to them whether its a flower, a piece of history, local haunt, or even teenager hanging out on the corner or vacant weedy lot that invites habitat,” said Asarum LandDesign Group‘s Principal Sarah Endriss.
“Socially engaged design provides opportunities to get to know one another. For my non-profit community clients, it’s their constituents, their neighbors, shared/collective history, historic buildings, cultural traditions/events as well as the natural environment/habitats that support children of all species. Beauty or the opportunity to be known is therefore critical to long-term sustainability.”

Asarum `{`as-er-uh m`}` Canadense: Wild Ginger

Native Americans historically valued the Asarum root for its flavor and medicinal properties.

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